66 Laws You CAN NOT Ignore in Fitness-10

46. Do not skip alternating between different types of training:

In fitness, different types of training benefit different aspects of the body, so we can't limit ourselves to just one type of training. For example, strength training increases muscle strength, aerobic exercise improves cardiorespiratory endurance, and flexibility training increases joint flexibility.

To achieve a comprehensive fitness effect, it is necessary to reasonably arrange the alternation of different types of training. A comprehensive training program can be developed that combines strength training, aerobic exercise, and flexibility training. This will not only avoid the monotony of training, but also enable the body to get a more comprehensive exercise.

47. Long-term planning cannot be neglected in pursuit of short-term goals:

Many people hope to see obvious results as soon as possible when they start exercising, but exercising is a long-term process. Too much pursuit of short-term goals may make us too impatient about the effect of fitness, easy to give up or adopt unhealthy weight loss methods.

It is necessary to clarify the long-term plan for fitness and set reasonable and achievable long-term goals. Long-term planning can include improving body fat percentage, increasing muscle mass, increasing exercise levels, and more. Through reasonable long-term planning, we can better persist in training and gradually make progress in the process.

48. Endurance and flexibility training cannot be ignored:

In addition to strength training and cardio, endurance and flexibility training are equally important. Endurance training can enhance cardiorespiratory fitness and muscular endurance, improving the ability to continue exercising for a long time. Flexibility training can increase joint mobility and reduce the risk of injury while exercising.

Endurance training can include aerobic exercise such as brisk walking, cycling, and swimming, performed several times a week for more than 20 minutes. Flexibility training can be done through stretching exercises, yoga, etc., to help us maintain the flexibility of our joints and the stretchability of our muscles.

49. Proper mental preparation and self-motivation cannot be neglected:

Fitness is not only a physical training, but also a mental challenge. To maintain consistent training requires proper mental preparation and self-motivation.

Sometimes, we may encounter difficulties and setbacks in training. At this time, you must insist on believing that you can overcome difficulties, and give yourself some positive encouragement and motivation. You can exercise with your friends, motivate each other, or set some small goals and achieve them slowly to increase the sense of accomplishment in training.

At the same time, understand that fitness is a gradual process, and don't be discouraged if there is no obvious effect in the short term. Persistence and a positive attitude are the keys to fitness success.

50. The cardiovascular health benefits of aerobic exercise cannot be ignored:

Aerobic exercise has significant benefits for cardiovascular health. Aerobic exercise can improve the pumping efficiency of the heart, increase cardiorespiratory fitness, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Common aerobic exercises include brisk walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming. Doing it several times a week for more than 20 minutes each time can effectively improve cardiovascular health.

In addition to cardiovascular health, aerobic exercise can also help you lose weight and burn fat, making it one of the best ways to lose weight. Therefore, in the fitness plan, it is necessary to properly arrange aerobic exercise so that the body can get comprehensive health benefits.


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