66 Laws You CAN NOT Ignore in Fitness-11

51. Don't let emotional problems interfere with your training plan:

Fitness is not only physical exercise, but also the adjustment of mood. Sometimes, we may experience emotional problems such as stress, fatigue, anxiety, etc., which may affect our training plan.

When facing emotional problems, you must learn to release your emotions appropriately. You can regulate your emotions through exercise, meditation, and breathing exercises. At the same time, it is also necessary to understand that emotional problems are normal life phenomena, and do not blame yourself or be too depressed.

If the emotional problems are serious and affect your daily life and fitness plan, you can seek professional psychological counseling and help. Keep a positive attitude, be able to persist in training better, and enjoy the happiness and pleasure brought by fitness.

52. Don’t ignore relaxation and soothing after exercise:

After fitness training, many people may end the training directly, ignoring the relaxation and soothing after exercise. Proper relaxation and soothing can help us recover better and reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.

After exercise, you can do some relaxation and stretching exercises, such as twisting your body, stretching your legs, etc., to help your muscles relax and stretch. Massage or hot water immersion can also be performed to promote blood circulation and metabolism and relieve muscle fatigue.

At the same time, pay attention to supplementing enough water and nutrients to help the body recover and repair in time. Post-exercise relaxation and soothing is an equally important part of the fitness process and should not be overlooked.

53. Failure to return to training prematurely after injury:

During the fitness process, some minor injuries may occur, such as sprains, strains, etc. If the injury is not serious, you can rest and apply cold compresses properly, and wait for the pain to subside before training.

However, if the injury is more serious, such as fractures, strains, etc., you must not resume training prematurely. Returning to training too soon may aggravate the injury, prolong recovery time, or even cause permanent damage.

After an injury, seek immediate medical attention and professional treatment. Under the guidance of a doctor, carry out proper rest and rehabilitation training, maintain an optimistic attitude, and allow the body to fully recover.

54. Do not neglect to focus on your body during training:

Concentration is very important in fitness training. To ensure the correctness and safety of the movements, you must concentrate on training.

During training, avoid distraction and inattention, especially with weight training, where incorrect form or lack of concentration can cause injury.

You can find a state of concentration during training, let your mind focus on movements and physical feelings, and maintain a good way of performing movements. If you find that you are not concentrating, you can make appropriate adjustments and refocus on training.

55. Don't blindly believe in weight loss drugs and weird weight loss methods:

When pursuing their weight loss goals, some people may blindly believe in advertised weight loss drugs or weird weight loss methods. However, these methods are not necessarily safe and effective, and may even cause damage to health.

Weight loss is a scientific and long-term process, and we cannot simply rely on weight loss drugs or strange methods. Effective weight loss methods include reasonable diet control, moderate exercise and good living habits.

In the process of losing weight, maintain a rational and scientific attitude, do not blindly pursue quick results, but achieve weight loss goals in a healthy way. If in doubt, you can consult a professional nutritionist or doctor for reasonable weight loss advice.


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