66 Laws You CAN NOT Ignore in Fitness-6

26. Moderate exercise intensity cannot be ignored:

In fitness, exercise intensity refers to the amount of energy we expend and the load on our body during training. Moderate exercise intensity is the key to achieving good fitness results. Exercising at an intensity that is too light may not achieve the desired results, while exercising at an intensity that is too heavy may overload the body and increase the risk of injury.

How to control the moderate exercise intensity? We can refer to the "heart rate range method" to exercise. Generally speaking, the target heart rate range is 60% to 80% of your maximum heart rate. For example, if your maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age, your target heart rate for fitness should be within this range. This kind of exercise intensity can effectively make us progress while ensuring safety.

27. Don’t just focus on quantity and ignore quality improvement:

In the process of fitness, some people may pay too much attention to the amount of exercise and ignore the quality of exercise. Quantity refers to the frequency and time of exercise, while quality refers to the accuracy of movements, the standard of posture and the stimulation effect of muscles.

While the amount of exercise is necessary for progress, an unreasonable amount of exercise can lead to overtraining. Compared with frequent training and long-term exercise, it is more important to ensure that the movements are correct and effective. Through accurate movements and reasonable loads, the muscles can be better stimulated and the ideal fitness effect can be achieved.

28. Do not ignore physical endurance and endurance training:

In fitness, endurance and endurance training are just as important as strength training. Endurance refers to our ability to continue performing a certain type of exercise over a period of time, such as prolonged aerobic exercise. Endurance training can enhance cardiorespiratory function, improve cardiorespiratory endurance, and make us less prone to fatigue during long-term exercise.

Endurance refers to our ability to maintain movement under high-intensity exercise, such as strength training with high repetitions. Endurance training can increase muscle endurance, delay muscle fatigue, and improve training efficiency.

Comprehensive endurance and endurance training can make our body adapt to various forms of exercise more comprehensively, making the fitness effect more comprehensive.

29. Self-assessment and goal-setting cannot be ignored:

In the fitness process, it is very important to conduct self-assessment and set clear goals. Self-assessment can help us understand our physical condition, fitness level and training effect. You can understand your progress and shortcomings by recording training logs and measuring physical indicators.

Setting clear goals gives us clarity of direction and motivation. Goals need to be specific, quantifiable and challenging, but also reasonable and attainable. Setting short-term and long-term goals and achieving them gradually can make us more motivated and patient to stick to the fitness plan.

30. Do not choose improper training methods for convenience:

In the fitness market, there are many training methods and products for rapid weight loss and rapid muscle gain, but it does not mean that they are all healthy and effective. Some methods may achieve superficial results through extreme diet control or excessively vigorous training, but such an approach is not good for physical health.

To choose a fitness method that suits you, follow scientific fitness principles, such as step by step, reasonable arrangement of training plans, and balanced diet. Healthy fitness is a continuous process, and the long-term health of the body should not be neglected for the sake of convenience. Only by adhering to healthy and scientific fitness methods can we obtain lasting health effects.


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