66 Laws You CAN NOT Ignore in Fitness-9

41. The importance of heart rate recovery and cooling off cannot be ignored:

After a workout session, many people may rush to end it, ignoring the importance of heart rate recovery and cooling off. Proper heart rate recovery and cooling down can help us better relieve muscle tension and shortness of breath.

After exercising, you can perform some simple relaxation movements and deep breathing to help the body return to a calm state. At the same time, gradually slow down the intensity of exercise and let the heart rate gradually return to the normal level. Doing so not only helps prevent discomfort such as dizziness and dizziness, but also helps us better adapt to the stimulus of training.

42. Don't just pursue low body weight and ignore the improvement of body fat percentage:

Many people start exercising to lose weight and lose weight, but simply pursuing low body weight may not be enough. Body fat percentage refers to the proportion of adipose tissue in the body, which can better reflect our body fat level and health status.

Through fitness, we not only lose fat, but also build muscle. Gaining muscle increases the metabolic rate and helps us burn calories better. Therefore, we should pay attention to the improvement of body fat percentage, not just pursue simple weight loss.

43. Proper postural adjustments and corrections cannot be neglected:

It is very important to maintain correct posture during fitness. Incorrect posture may not only reduce the effectiveness of training, but also increase the risk of injury.

If we experience pain or discomfort while exercising, it is most likely caused by poor posture. Therefore, pay special attention to the way the action is performed. You can ask the coach or watch the teaching video to ensure the correctness of the action.

In addition, many people may experience a decline in posture during the long-term fitness process. At this time, special attention should be paid to adjusting and correcting posture. Maintaining the correct posture can better stimulate the muscles and prevent accidental injuries.

44. Do not blindly pursue celebrity training programs:

Many celebrities and fitness experts will share their training plans and methods, attracting many people to follow suit. However, not everyone has the same bodies and needs as celebrities, and blindly following their training programs may not be right for us.

Each of us has different physical conditions and goals, and we must formulate a training plan according to our actual situation. You can refer to the training methods and experience of famous people, but you should adjust it according to your own body feedback and needs to find the most suitable training plan for you.

45. The benefits of persistence training cannot be ignored:

In fitness, persistence training is also very important. Persistence training refers to those aerobic exercises that last longer and have lower intensity, such as jogging, cycling, swimming, etc.

Persistence training can enhance cardiorespiratory function, improve cardiorespiratory endurance, and allow us to maintain a better state during long-term exercise. At the same time, persistence training is also an effective way to lose weight and get in shape because it burns a lot of calories and fat.

In the fitness plan, it is necessary to arrange persistent training reasonably, and do it several times a week to maintain continuity and regularity, so that the body can obtain a comprehensive exercise effect. Persistence training not only benefits your health, it also improves athletic performance and quality of life.


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