66 Laws You CAN NOT Ignore in Fitness-4

16. Don't ignore the body's signals and feedback:

When exercising, our bodies are constantly sending us messages such as muscle soreness, panting, sweating, and more. These reactions are actually a normal phenomenon that the body produces during the process of adapting to exercise. Sometimes, we may feel muscle soreness, which is actually a signal of muscle growth, but if the muscle soreness lasts for too long or is too severe, it may be a sign of overtraining.

Therefore, we must listen carefully to the body's signals and feedback, and make reasonable judgments. If you feel overtired, weak or unwell, you should reduce the training intensity or give your body adequate rest time. Maintaining good communication with the body can help us better control the training load and avoid injury.

17. Don’t over-rely on energy drinks and supplements:

In the process of fitness, some people may over-rely on energy drinks and supplements, hoping to obtain higher energy and improve training effect through them. But in reality, energy drinks and supplements are supplements, not substitutes for a healthy diet and adequate sleep.

Energy drinks are high in caffeine and sugar, and while they give us a brief high, long-term excesses can lead to heart arrhythmias, insomnia, and dependence. Supplements should be chosen according to individual needs, excessive intake may be a burden on the body.

Maintain a balanced diet with adequate intake of protein, carbohydrates and fat, and eat more fruits and vegetables to ensure that the body receives comprehensive nutrition. A reasonable diet can provide us with sufficient energy to support training.

18. Proper breathing techniques cannot be ignored:

Proper breathing techniques are very important to improve athletic performance and safety during fitness. However, many people may neglect the correct breathing method when training.

For example, in weight training, we should generally inhale at the start of the movement and exhale at the end of the movement. This can help stabilize the body, increase oxygen supply to the muscles, and reduce stress during exercise. In aerobic exercise, keep breathing deeply and adjust your breathing rhythm to suit the intensity of the exercise.

Proper breathing techniques can improve exercise efficiency and reduce discomfort during exercise. During the training process, always pay attention to your breathing state and adjust your breathing reasonably, which will make your fitness smoother.

19. Do not overtrain to cause fatigue:

Sometimes, in order to reach our fitness goals, we can overtrain, thinking that more is better. However, excessive training may lead to problems such as physical fatigue, decreased immunity, and decreased sleep quality.

In order to avoid overtraining, we should arrange the training plan reasonably and give the body enough rest time. Arrange at least 1-2 days of rest every week to allow the body to fully recover. If you feel tired or have physical discomfort, you should reduce the training intensity or frequency in time.

A reasonable training program can allow us to maintain fitness while recovering. Overtraining not only does not help progress, but may have the opposite effect.

20. Failure to seek immediate medical attention and rest following an injury:

In the process of fitness, if you are accidentally injured, you cannot ignore the injury and continue training. Seek medical attention promptly after injury to ensure that the injury is properly treated and treated.

Even minor injuries should not be forced to continue training, as this may aggravate the injury and prolong the recovery time. During the injury period, give the body adequate rest and recovery time, follow the advice of a doctor or professional coach, and gradually resume training.

Staying on track with recovery can help speed recovery and reduce follow-up problems. Don't ignore the body's needs because of the rush to resume training, respect the body's signals, and healthy recovery can help us continue the road to fitness.


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