Things not to do after waking up in the morning

The plan for a day is in the morning. Get up in the morning to welcome the new day. To maintain a healthy state, those behaviors that affect the body should be avoided. Some people are getting worse and worse, and even have serious diseases. The reason is that they make mistakes when they get up. Seemingly insignificant little habits are actually harmful, and they will become accelerators of certain diseases over time. If you can understand in advance and actively avoid it, your health will be guaranteed.

What bad behaviors should be corrected after getting up in the morning?

1. Open your eyes and get up quickly

Get up quickly, and when you open your eyes, you get up quickly, and your body has no time to react, and your movements are very fast. This behavior will have an impact on your health. Those who are elderly may have some unstable indicators, such as blood lipids and high blood pressure. When getting up, they should move as slowly as possible. First, lie flat on the bed for a few minutes, and then get up slowly after fully awake, so that all indicators can be stable.

2. Skip breakfast

Skipping breakfast after waking up is a behavior of many people, especially those who often sleep late, because they are worried about missing work time, so they skip breakfast and form a habit over time. Breakfast is a very important meal among the three meals. Eating breakfast correctly can provide nutrients and energy, and is the key to maintaining blood sugar stability and protecting the liver and digestive system.

Continuing to skip breakfast will reduce immunity. Fatty liver, stomach inflammation, and hypoglycemia may all come to your door over time, which will bring many effects.

3. Holding back urine

Frequent holding back of urine and failing to clear the urine in time after getting up are harmful behaviors to the body. People who take care of it properly will maintain good habits. After a whole night of sleep, when they wake up, they feel more or less like to urinate, and some people still want to defecate. They should be resolved in time to protect the bladder, urinary tract, and kidneys.

Frequent holding back of urine and stool can easily make the body reabsorb harmful substances, and finally induce health problems.

4. Vigorous exercise

After getting up in the morning, you should avoid strenuous exercise. People who take proper care of themselves will exercise properly, control the intensity and time, in this way, strengthen their body, enhance their immunity, simply stretch their muscles and bones, move their limbs, and have a good mental state in the morning.

However, if you overdraw your body through high-intensity exercise, consume too much energy, and often sweat a lot, you may feel tired later, and your work and study ability will be reduced. Even if you want to exercise, you should control the intensity and time.

5. Heavy smoking

Smoking often causes great harm to the body. When you wake up in the morning, your body is not active yet. Compared with other time periods, the blood is thicker. The flow of thick blood is slow, which will cause insufficient blood supply in some parts, and then People with hyperlipidemia should actively cooperate with treatment in case of discomfort, and at the same time maintain good habits to reduce blood lipids. If you rely on tobacco, you smoke as soon as you wake up, and you ingest a variety of harmful substances, and your health will go farther and farther.


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