Wrong way to use dumbbells

There are bound to be mistakes in fitness. When training chest muscles, back muscles and other muscles, dumbbell training occupies a pivotal position. Even if you are lazy to go to the gym, you can play dumbbells to train muscles at home while watching TV, but you know that dumbbells are not just "dead strength".

Dumbbell Lifting Mistake 1: Insufficient Warm Up

Do you think playing with dumbbells is an easy thing? If you just play with lightweight dumbbells a few times, of course, but if you want targeted training, muscle stretching is indispensable, which will help increase your flexibility and reduce the chance of injury.

Dumbbell Lifting Mistake 2: The heavier the dumbbell, the faster the muscles get bigger

Big guys are not easy to do. Many people think that the heavier the dumbbell they lift, the faster they can train their muscles, and the faster they get bigger. However, many people misjudge their abilities. You must know that lifting dumbbells is not a matter of one or two strokes. If you choose one that is too heavy, and forcefully lift it, as long as you do one more set of movements, you will be easily injured. Step by step is the kingly way!

Dumbbell Lifting Mistake 3: Moving Too Fast

Note that it is not fast enough to increase muscle size. It takes time for muscle contraction and expansion. If you move too fast, it will not have the effect of training too large muscles, and it is more likely to cause muscle injuries.

Dumbbell lifting mistake 4: lazy posture

The movement of lifting dumbbells mostly takes three to four groups as a cycle, so the posture must be correct, and the dumbbells should not be lazy. The waist should be straight, maintain a physiological curvature, and the angle required by the movement must be in line with the feet. Otherwise, the wrong muscle position will count as training, causing muscle and joint injuries, and it will be a waste of time.

Dumbbell Lifting Mistake 5: The rest time is not counted

Experts suggest that for effective dumbbell muscle training, it is best to use 15 to 20 as a group, and do 3 to 5 groups each time. Between each group, it is best to rest for no more than 2 minutes, mainly because the muscles need to bear weight continuously in a short period of time to be effective. If you don't plan the rest time, you have to do dumbbell training from the beginning, especially if everyone is often hung up on the phone, it is a waste of time!


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