66 Laws You CAN NOT Ignore in Fitness-13

61. Don’t ignore muscle soreness during training:

We may experience muscle soreness after starting a new training program or increasing the intensity of our training. Muscle soreness is a normal physiological response, indicating that our muscles are undergoing new challenges and adaptations.

While muscle soreness may make us uncomfortable, it doesn't mean we need to stop training. Rather, moderate muscle soreness is a part of the fitness process, and occurs as the body adapts to training.

To avoid overtraining, gradually increase the intensity of your training to give your muscles time to recover. At the same time, you can perform moderate stretching and relaxation exercises to help relieve muscle soreness and maintain body comfort.

62. Don't greedily pursue training volume and ignore rest:

In the process of fitness, we may be forced to greedily increase the amount of training due to the psychology of wanting to achieve the goal as soon as possible. However, it is very unwise to greedily pursue the training volume and ignore the rest.

The body needs proper periods of rest to recover and repair, during which muscles can grow and adapt to the stimuli of training. Continuous high-intensity training without adequate rest can lead to overtraining and injury.

It is necessary to develop a reasonable training plan that combines training and rest. Usually, 1-2 days of rest are arranged every week to allow the body to fully recover, so that the training effect can be better exerted.

63. Proper cardiovascular training cannot be neglected:

Cardiovascular training refers to those aerobic exercises that can improve heart and lung function and enhance cardiovascular fitness, such as brisk walking, jogging, swimming, etc. This type of training has significant benefits for both physical fitness and weight loss.

Cardiovascular training increases the pumping efficiency of the heart, improves oxygen supply, and improves cardiorespiratory endurance. Through persistent aerobic exercise, it can also promote fat burning, help reduce body fat, and improve body shape.

Cardiovascular training should be properly arranged in the fitness plan, several times a week, each time lasting more than 20 minutes. Continued aerobic exercise can make the body healthier and more energetic.

64. Don’t just pursue body changes and ignore health improvements:

Many people start exercising to improve their body and appearance, which is indeed a good motivation. However, while pursuing changes in body shape, the improvement of health cannot be ignored.

Fitness is about improving your overall health, not just about changing your appearance. With proper training and diet, we can improve our cardiovascular health, boost our immunity, reduce our risk of chronic disease, and more.

Take fitness as an active lifestyle and focus on improving your health, not just your body shape. Only in good health can we enjoy life better and show confidence and charm.

65. Don't ignore the flexibility training of the whole body:

Flexibility exercises are those that increase joint mobility and muscle extensibility through stretching and relaxation movements. In fitness, flexibility training is just as important.

Good flexibility has many benefits for fitness and physical health. Through flexibility training, we can improve the flexibility of the body, reduce the risk of injury during exercise, and increase the efficiency and comfort of exercise.

Flexibility training can include stretching, yoga, Pilates, and more. These exercises help us stretch our muscles and joints and reduce muscle tension and stiffness. At the same time, flexibility training can also promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, and increase the body's sense of relaxation.

To incorporate flexibility training into your fitness program, do it several times a week for 10-15 minutes each time. Flexibility training can be combined with other training methods to give the body a more comprehensive workout.

66. Do not blindly believe in advertising and fitness rumors:

In the fitness world, there are many advertising campaigns and fitness myths that may claim that a certain product or method can quickly lose weight, build muscle or improve the body, but often lack scientific support.

We cannot blindly believe in these advertisements and rumors, but maintain a rational and objective attitude. When choosing fitness methods and products, it is necessary to understand and verify information from multiple sources, and try to choose scientifically proven methods.

It is recommended to consult a professional fitness trainer or nutritionist to understand the fitness plan and diet advice that suits you. Fitness is a long-term process, there are no shortcuts, only persistence and reasonable methods can achieve lasting health effects. Don't be fooled by false advertisements, keep a clear head, believe in science, and keep fit.


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