Don't do these things

1. don't tell others about your income, people who show off everywhere are easy to attract envy and bring disaster.

2. don't buy a new house and show off a new car everywhere, except for your parents, no one is really happy for you.

3. don't show off your child's good grades everywhere, others will not be happy for you.

4. do not talk with colleagues about their own ideas and private affairs, turn around and others will sell you.

5. don't do business with good friends, beware of turning enemies.

6. do not offend the doctor, do not offend the butcher, do not offend the waiter, be kind to others, and even the key to life.

7. do not easily lend money to others, friends are the same, unless you lend out do not intend to get back.

8. don't make any decision when frustrated, people are easy to make wrong decisions when they are in the trough.

9. Don't drink and drive, really? The police are waiting for you.

10. don't be a bad person, kindness to have a bottom line. The weaker the person, the more bullied, your kindness, to bring a point of sharpness.

11. do not be the mistress to destroy other people's families, even if they are unfortunate and have nothing to do with you, you are not the Virgin, nor the savior.

12. online loans, usury, credit card overdraft can not touch, early consumption is not on, debt collection platform let you discredit.

13. it is better to offend evil than evil, evil will always remember your bad, as soon as the opportunity to treat you.

14. don't lie, live openly! Unless you always remember where and what was said, don't lie, too tired.

15. don't do ineffective social, waste time on people who are not worthy.

16. Don't fall in love with people at night, enjoy the scene, don't take it seriously.

17. don't talk about the leader in front of your colleagues, turn around and say it was you.

18. do not do things, leave a line of life in the future good to meet.

19. do not lend the car to others easily, so that something can not be explained, in case others do something indescribable in the car, the heart is also very diaphragm.

20. do not let their children go to other people's homes alone, especially girls, there are not many people with animal faces.

21. Don't gamble. Stay away from people who like to gamble.

22. do not make friends with the old, rich people do not return, quality problems, this kind of people would rather not pay.

23. don't talk about personal matters in the company bathroom, the walls have ears.

24. money can solve the problem, absolutely not to find a relationship. Debt of gratitude is the hardest thing to pay.

25. go out alone, or go out with the opposite sex do not drink, be careful of people and money.

26. do not tattoo any boyfriend or girlfriend's name on the body, it will hurt when washing.

27. Don't quit without finding another job, a stable economic foundation is very important.

28. Do not break up, divorce hanging in the mouth, both hurt feelings and meaningless.

29. Don't commit suicide or self-harm. Body hair and skin by parents, life is only once, can not come again.

30. don't be addicted to the Internet, not to love online, seriously find a partner.

31. do not have how much to spend, must have the habit of saving money.

32. do not help others do a guarantee loan, careful to lose themselves.

33. Don't bully young people, as the saying goes: don't bully young poor!

34. do not know a person confidently, meet a person only talk three minutes, eat only seven minutes full.

35. Don't say bad things about your partner in front of their parents. All parents love their children.

36. do not speak ill of their parents in front of their partners, people love their parents.

37. Self benefit at the expense of others, harm others not self benefit, harm things, can not do!

38., Don't tell others about their difficulties, there are not many people who really help you, and there are more people who see jokes.

39. don't trust anyone easily, in front of interests, will betray you, human nature can not stand the test.

40. illegal things must not be done!


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