In order to be healthy, eat as little of these foods as possible, see what you like to eat?

It is inevitable for people to get sick from eating multi-grain, but there are some foods that can avoid a lot of diseases if we try to eat less in our life.

Today's young people because they like to eat meat, occasionally rarely eat vegetables, in fact, if you often eat vegetables, you can promote the absorption of protein in the body and improve intestinal function, not only can help lose weight, but also can protect cardiovascular disease, reduce the production of cardiovascular disease, but not all food in life can be eaten, if often eat, it is bad for health.

What are the health benefits of eating vegetables?

1. improve protein absorption

If you eat too few vegetables, it is not conducive to the intake of various vitamins and trace elements, easy to cause nutritional deficiency, reduce immunity and resistance, but also affect the absorption of protein, usually, people should eat more vegetables when eating meat, the absorption rate of protein will be as high as 87%, 20% higher than only eating meat.

2. improve intestinal function

Vegetables are rich in dietary fiber, which is conducive to stimulating intestinal motility, and to a certain extent, it can improve intestinal function, promote defecation, and also improve mild constipation.

3. Help with weight loss

Vegetables are rich in vitamin C, dietary fiber and pectin, which helps to eliminate excess cholesterol metabolic waste in the body and reduce blood lipids. Vegetables are low-energy and low-fat foods with large water content. Eating more vegetables can increase satiety, stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, accelerate the discharge of fat, so as to achieve weight loss.

What are the manifestations of vascular dysfunction?

1. numbness and cold limbs

Blood vessel function problems or blood vessel congestion can lead to the abnormal feeling of ischemia and hypoxia at the end of the blood circulation, our limbs are located at the end of the blood circulation, so we can pay more attention to the state of the limbs in old age, if we feel a period of significant numbness in the limbs, hands and feet cold, we should also pay more attention, because this may be closely related to impaired blood vessel health.

2. Dizziness and headache

Many people may have the feeling of dizziness and headache, but most people do not pay special attention to it, especially after a brief pain, some people will even directly forget, dizziness and headache can have many causes, if cardiovascular function is abnormal, it may affect blood circulation, if the brain is unable to get the blood and oxygen it needs, ischemia and hypoxia may occur. Accompanied by a feeling of dizziness and headache.

3. Lack of energy

I believe that most people have heard of the word blood circulation, do not foolishly think that blood circulation is just a normal function of the human body, blood circulation may be directly related to people's health, even life health, if the abnormal blood circulation, all parts of the body can not get the required nutrients, the body energy is insufficient, there will be burnout and mental depression.

In order to be healthy, eat as little of these foods as possible, see what you like to eat?

1. Rootless sprouts

Bean sprouts are rich in dietary fiber, eating more bean sprouts can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, relieve constipation, and help with weight loss, however, when buying bean sprouts, do not buy rootless bean sprouts, many rootless bean sprouts are soaked in chemicals, including some herbicides, although bean sprouts will increase the appearance of bean sprouts, but if you eat bean sprouts regularly, it is not good for your health.

2. Processed foods

In daily life, some people for convenience, usually buy some processed foods, such as bacon, sausage, canned and preserved eggs, although these foods are durable and taste good, but in the process of processing these foods may add a lot of edible salt and preservatives, in addition, the use of metal utensils in food processing is easy to lead to high heavy metal content in food.

Regular consumption of processed foods can also cause a certain degree of damage to brain function and is not conducive to brain health, therefore, we should stay away from processed foods.

3. Pickled food

Some pickled foods, such as fermented bean curd, pickles, pickles, etc., belong to pickled foods, although the taste is good, more appetizing, but if often eaten, will damage liver and kidney function, long-term consumption will cause greater harm to the liver, these pickled foods contain a large amount of nitrite, may damage the health of the liver and kidney.

4. Kidney beans

Exercise is also a common green vegetable, it is very delicious, after cooking, it gives off a unique fragrance, improve people's appetite, especially southern China like kidney beans very much, although kidney beans are very delicious, but also should pay attention to, if the kidney beans are not cooked, not only will affect your health, but also can lead to food poisoning.

It can also stimulate the human stomach, cause toxic enteritis, prevent food poisoning, when eating kidney beans, be sure to cook them thoroughly, fried kidney beans, be sure to fry them, so it is good for your health.

5. Carbonated drinks

In life, many young friends like to drink a variety of carbonated drinks, such as Sprite, cola and energy drinks, these drinks are favored by young people, because they think this carbonated drink is particularly refreshing, but also to meet the different tastes of human beings.

However, because these carbonated drinks contain a lot of additives, intake of a small amount of caffeine can be refreshing, but excessive intake will also increase the burden on the stomach, causing gastrointestinal discomfort, which will lead to the consumption of a large amount of calcium in the body, leading to osteoporosis, increase the burden of the kidney, and lead to tooth corrosion, which will do more harm than good to people's health, please drink less.

6. Fat

The fat contained in pork can not be compared with ordinary meat, especially fat meat, fat meat is soft and soft to eat, not difficult to chew, middle-aged and elderly people prefer it, many other families like fried lard, the remaining lard residue with newly fried lard fried vegetables, it tastes very crisp, however, this kind of lard and fat meat is not only fat and high in calories, but also difficult to be metabolized by the liver, Easy to increase the metabolic burden of the liver, fatty liver. 


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