Don't take a shower right after exercising

Taking a bath just after exercising may lead to hypoglycemia, colds, and increased incidence of cardiovascular diseases.

1. Hypoglycemia: 

During exercise, the body will consume a lot of energy and nutrients in the body. Just after exercising, the body's decomposition activity will increase, while the synthesis activity will decrease, and the nutrients in the body will decrease accordingly. There may be hypoglycemia. If the situation occurs, taking a bath immediately after exercising is likely to accelerate the consumption of calories in the body, leading to aggravated symptoms of hypoglycemia, and even coma in severe cases.

2. Cold: 

The human body will sweat a lot when exercising. At this time, the pores on the skin surface are dilated. Taking a bath at this time will cause wind and cold evils to take the opportunity to invade the body, thereby causing the phenomenon of cold, causing the patient to have fever, Headache, runny nose, nasal congestion and other symptoms.

3. Increase the incidence of cardiovascular disease: 

The body will promote the blood flow rate in the body when exercising, and taking a bath immediately after exercising will increase the negative pressure of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, thereby increasing the incidence of cardiovascular disease and aggravating cardiovascular disease. The condition of the diseased population.

In addition to causing the above problems, it may also cause hypotension, so you should wait for your body to calm down for a while before taking a bath after exercising, so as not to affect your health.


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